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What is employee engagement?


In simpler terms, employee engagement is the degree of connection employees have to their organisations through purpose and meaningful work that inspires them to contribute beyond the extra mile - which impacts productivity, employee turnover, innovation, employer brand and customer experience.  However, in times of chaos and uncertainly, employee burnout can lead to low employee engagement, which has a negative impact — financial and otherwise — on businesses. To combat these risks, business leaders must take proactive steps to increase employee engagement by making it a core part of their workforce strategy. 

8 out of 10

organisations have a formal employee engagement programme, yet only 52% feel they do a good job taking action on engagement data.

Sources: Study by Gallup, Prodoscore 2020, The Engagement Institute. The DNA of Engagement


of employees globally
feel at risk of burnout.

Source: Mercer. 2022 Global Talent Trends Study.


Achieve your potential


Thriving employees are:


more likely to say they
work in a healthy workplace

Source: Mercer. 2022 Global Talent Trends Study.


more likely to be satisfied at work,
with no plans to leave their organization

Source: Mercer. 2022 Global Talent Trends Study.


With high levels of employee engagement organisations experience increase in productivity; reduced staff turnover and general happiness. And, in today’s increasingly remote world, it’s more important than ever. Forward-thinking organisations are moving beyond employee engagement to create better employee experience because thriving employees drive higher business performance.


What is employee experience?


We define employee experience as the interactions — big and small — between organisations and their people that, ideally, engage and inspire employees, align individual purpose with organisational purpose, and unleash the energy and passion that lead to high performance.”


Build better employee experiences 


Your people seek experiences that satisfy their needs, responsibilities and aspirations. They want an employee experience that makes them thrive. 


Mercer’s employee experience insights, solutions and services help you provide better experiences through listening tools and analytics. We help you convert data into insights to guide you in enhancing the employee experience in your organization. 


Mercer’s insights, listening tools and expertise help ensure your employees’ voices are heard and understood — and that they inform your strategy. We do this by partnering with you to:


Measure what matters

It all starts with listening. We build an employee listening programme that’s right for your organisation by combining research, trusted content and user-friendly technology. 


Deliver people insights

Do you understand your employees’ needs? Mercer provides you with more than data, dashboards and reports — we help you translate the employee voice into insights that deepen understanding.

Design change and action

Once you know more about the employee experience at your organisation, how do you take action to effect change? Our dynamic design thinking strategies empower your leaders, managers and HR team to drive positive change.


Employee experience insights solutions

Capture employee insights with tailored solutions — from annual census or pulse surveys to continuous listening, digital focus groups and preference research.

  • Digital focus groups

    Uncover insights from your people on a wide range of topics through open and interactive dialogue.  

  • Employee surveys

    From employee engagement programmes to targeted pulse, global HR and employee surveys, we have solutions to meet your needs.

  • Continuous listening

    Discover the moments that matter to your employees. Tap into the employee experience with ad hoc, annual census and recurring pulse surveys and listening programs — optimized for fully managed and self-service platforms.

  • Preference research

    Understand what your people value — their preferences, priorities and expectations — to sharpen and personalise your employee value proposition.  

  • 360-degree feedback

    Select and manage employees to support your business strategy. Actionable insights highlight the way forward for individual and group development in the organisation. 


Employee experience insights advisory solutions

Mercer’s advisory services meet you where you are on your employee listening journey. Mercer has the expertise to guide you, whether you're running an annual employee engagement programme, exploring new listening methods or trying to make sense of reams of data from continuous listening systems.


Meet our experts


Keletjo Chiloane

Keletjo Chiloane

Senior Associate, Mercer

Lisete Harris

Lisete Harris

Head: Career Products, Mercer

Casey Rautenbach

Casey Rautenbach

Analyst, Mercer

Why Mercer?


Trust our 45+ years of experience in helping companies gain better insights and enhance employee experiences to improve productivity, engagement and well-being. 


We have the full-service expertise, tools and proven global capability to conduct employee engagement surveys in more than 180 countries — in 80 languages.

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