When Covid-19 arrived on Africa’s shores officially in February 2020 more than half (51%) of companies around the world had no business continuity plan to combat the pandemic. As a result, the outbreak highlighted gaps and inequalities across economic policies, affordable quality healthcare and digital transformation. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on employees, the role of HR was propelled to the forefront to help companies navigate the triple threat crisis.


In light of the situation, companies across various industries focused on employee health, safety and wellbeing, flexible working arrangements and skilling of employees. Will companies in Africa build on these critical strategies and actions that have redefined the world of work in 2020? What will HR leaders consider as they reinvent their businesses for growth with confidence?

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5 Topics

  • Reinvent for economic growth

    The coronavirus pandemic has introduced much uncertainty in the ensuing chapter in terms of how businesses should be run, workforce structures organised, industries and nations reimagined. Along the way, some countries and industries will fare better than others. Let’s explore opportunities and risks presented by the post-pandemic environment. How can Africa unlock economic potential and reinvent

  • How is Africa flexing?

    A recent Mercer survey shows that 76% of companies in Africa are considering implementing flexible working at a greater scale than prior to the pandemic with 48% updating their existing policy while 28% are creating a new one. HR leaders believe flexible working increases productivity and engagement levels, as well as enhances their EVP. What should companies consider to ensure an effective flexible programme?

  • Right-skilling Africa for the future

    While every global region could see their populations decline in coming years, Africa’s youth population is expected to soar. How can Africa leverage this demographic opportunity? As Africa strives to rebound from a weakened economy due to Covid-19, investing in human capital—the knowledge, skills, and health that people accumulate over their lives— is key to unlocking talent potential and achieving sustainable growth.

  • Cultivate a healthier workforce

    Considering the long-term effects of Covid-19 on mental and physical health beyond the pandemic, it is no wonder that 68% of companies in Africa revealed that their Health and Benefits strategy has moved up in the list of priorities. To enhance support, 70% of companies reported that they have implemented psychological counseling to help employees manage stress and anxiety. What other areas of focus are essential to improving quality of life for employees in Africa?

  • How can Africa prepare for the next?

    The current Covid-19 pandemic is highlighting the imperative of preparedness, adaptation and innovation in response to unexpected crises. How do we align ourselves, our organisations and businesses, and the broader African region towards growth? Strategic foresight can offer valuable insights in times of continuous change and uncertainty. How do we then translate insights into action and preparedness towards sustainable futures?

Who should attend?


  • CEOs, CHROs and C-Suite executives leading teams
  • Talent Management Leads
  • Rewards, Compensation and Benefits Leads
  • Heads of Human Resources and HR Business Partners
  • Any other senior HR professional 


Join our line-up of local and industry experts with experience across various African markets. 

Lesiba Mothata ACMA, CGMA
Head: Strategic Clients, Alexander Forbes
Dr Njeri Mwagiru
Senior Futurist: Africa Institute For Futures Research (IFR) Stellenbosch University South Africa
  • Mercer Speakers

    • Carla Daniels – Head: Career Consulting, Mercer
    • Dirk Joubert – Senior Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
    • Makhosazana Hadebe – Associate Consultant: Career Products
    • Elie Jawhar – Engagement Manager: Pan African Solutions, Mercer
    • Risha Isaac – Associate Consultant: Pan African Solutions, Mercer
    • Orlando De Sousa – Associate Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
    • Reche Naidoo – Associate Consultant: Career Consulting, Mercer
    • Que Rabolele – Senior Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
    •  Stevens Kawoubouga – Senior Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
    • Thethe Ntumba – Associate Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
    • Vuyisa Sikunyana – Associate Consultant: Career Products, Mercer
  • Agenda

    09:00 – 09:10 Welcome 
    09:10 – 09:40 Reinvent for economic growth  
    09:40 – 10:15  How is Africa flexing? 
    10:15 – 10:45 Right-skilling Africa for the future
    10:45 – 11:15 Cultivate a healthier workforce
    11:15 -11:45 How can Africa prepare for the next?
    11:45 – 12:00  Q&A and Closing